Will “DC Comics” Be Digital in the Future?

DC comic has been one of the best comics in the past and considering that they are now digital, it seems as if they are going to go full force into the future with all their new digital initiatives. However, does DC have a plan for the future of digital comics? Hasn’t the company already gone digital with digital comics like the New York ComicCon and Dark Knight? And if they haven’t then what will they do in the future?

Well, let’s start by looking at the New York ComicCon which is going to be held in May of 2021. DC has confirmed that they will be having panels at this year’s New York ComicCon. Will they be showing off any of their future digital comics that are in development? They have yet to say anything and I would imagine that we will not find out any more until “Sci-Fi” has a television show.

There have been a lot of rumors about how DC is planning to do digital comics. One rumor is that they will be taking a new superhero from the DC Universe and putting him in a digital format. This could be either The Flash or maybe the Green Lantern. This would be a dream come true to anyone who loves either of those heroes.

Another rumor is that they will be doing a New Superhero series exclusively for digital. Could this be the Justice League or maybe a new X-Men series? Who knows? That is all speculation really. It would be exciting to see something that has never been done before. Anything that can give comic book readers a chance to enjoy a digital form of what they love, would be a great way to blow them away with how amazing DC has gotten.

But what about digital comics subscription? Will it be the same as what we see with DC Direct? Not necessarily. Some people have said that DC has lost a lot of its appeal by making everything available to everyone. It seems like they are just trying to reach a new audience with their subscription plans. With the success of “The Dark Knight” and “Green Lantern”, they might want to keep it that way or at least make the money they are making from the movie and comic books more available to everyone else.

What about a digital subscription for older DC comics? It would certainly make sense to offer them one again. People have always enjoyed reading classic comics and getting into their story again. If you can get them to sign up for a digital subscription you might be onto a winner. After all, most people love classic comic books.

What about the movie “HIT.” Is DC going to do digital editions of hit movies such as “Hit?” The movie was such a hit, that DC made a sequel and a TV show related to it. I think we all know this will be the future of comic book collecting. The internet has made it much easier to connect and provide entertainment.

There is no doubt DC will continue to do what they do best. They will continue to make high-quality comic books available to their fans. They are the ones that constantly re-read their favorite classics. As for whether DC will go digital, only time will tell.

What we do know is, DC has a digital line of books that is doing extremely well. It seems like they are trying to capitalize on the success of Marvel. With DC’s digital line, it would seem that they are trying to copy the success Marvel has had with their comic books on digital.

The question remains…what will it be called? I doubt they will call it “DC Comics is digital” because it won’t be original. It would be confusing having to call your comics digital. What they will probably do is simply the comics.

I believe DC will find a way to make the transition from traditional to digital. I believe it will happen within the next couple of years. I’m just waiting for the new releases to come out so I can read all the newest comics. The future of comic books is digital!